Our Story

Behind the Mushi concept design of incomplete name initials is a story which always be pushing the boundaries of the way we think about our presence in the world and an aspiration to contribute to a legacy that remains during your absence.

We Started With A Vision

The brand ethos shares a vision in every design where the human connection with the product carries utmost importance, so the mantra revolves around creating sentiments that emotionally connects you with our product having a unique perspective.

Incomplete Concept:

The partial M seek to achieve concept of beauty perception within the imperfections. It holds the concept of appreciating incompleteness with the notion of making it complete by human connection.

Layouting Concept:

The concept of font selection revolves around simplicity followed by white color scheme to make it prominent and kept the name as logo so people can recall easily therefore no taglines appears with logo.

Ethical Concept:

The core business goal is to contribute back into communities ethically by responsible sourcing and embrace revenue stream from supporting social causes.

Value Chain Concept:

The emphasis of human connection makes the product unique, the notion of selling a value instead of product has its own significance. The pride that we presume consumer carries is the essence.

The Concept

Illustrated journey from logo designs to bags conceptions


The nation of designing is an incomplete box followed by name initials that seek to accomplish the concept of beauty which is imperfect and incomplete. Thus the idea was to communicate those ethos of beauty with imperfection of life.


Sketching designs based on inspiration can take you a long way. It is tale of transformation, adventure, long nights, and bright days. Every design invites a fresh perspective and focusing on the minimalistic part makes it diverse.


The nation of having customized bag especially crafted on your preferences. A design that can be a lifelong symbol of creativity designed by us which beholds a sense of prestigious possession.